Cell Phone Location Data

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Discover the resources needed to effectively identify and collect location data with our online training. We’ve created Location Data from Cell Phones training to improve the ability of public defenders to make the most of this critical data and to more effectively identify relevant insights.

Gain the knowledge and understanding of the fundamentals of location data. Learn about reliability and accuracy, how to collect and access this information and how to request records from service providers.

Learn about

      • GPS

      • 3rd party apps.

      • Wi-Fi signals/connections

      • Bluetooth signals/connections

      • Geo tagged images

      • Image metadata and EXIF data

      • Cell site location data

      • RTT data

      • Google Gmail

Handouts include the most current cell providers retention schedule and subpoena guide.

The training is free for a limited time and includes recommendations that are personalized for Public Defenders.

See what steps you can take today to accelerate your investigation.

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