Cell phone evidence is a power vehicle for justice.

eLab Forensics - Celebrate Report Quick Start Guide

Accelerate your investigation!

Discover the resources needed to effectively examine cell phone forensic reports with our updated guide and online training.

We’ve created our Cellebrite Quick Start User Guide and online training to improve the ability of public defenders to make the most of this critical data and to more effectively identify relevant insights. We’ll show you how you can:

      • Data from GrayKey extractions
      • Uncover hidden data
      • Ways to expedite your investigation
      • Investigator’s checklist

The guide is free and includes recommendations that are personalized for Public Defenders.

See what steps you can take today to accelerate your investigation.

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Digital Forensic Evidence Training

We provide resources and other digital evidence training specifically designed for public defender attorneys and investigators.

Digital Innocence Project

We are a proud sponsor and co-founded the first digital innocence initiative that works to prevent and overturn wrongful convictions using digital evidence.

Digital Innocence Initiative.

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