eLab Digital Forensic expert services. We assist the defense in the identification, collection, analysis and presentation of digital evidence from cell phones, computers, social media, audio and video files, cell-site data, call detail records, location data, social media and more.

Cell phone forensics

  • Cellebrite certified
  • Advanced digital forensic extractions
  • Advanced unlocking
  • Advances digital device repair
  • Court certified expert

Computer forensics

  • EnCase Certified Examiner (EnCE)
  • Data recovery from a wide range of devices
  • Conducted by cross-trained defense investigators
  • Advanced, targeted forensic data collection
  • Detailed forensic reporting

Social media forensics

  • Captures Entire Site
  • Imbedded Photos and Videos
  • Metadata
  • Location Data
  • Compatible with Relativity

 Cell site analysis


Location data

  • Cell site location data
  • NELOS and RTT data
  • Wi-Fi connections
  • GPS devices
  • Gmail
  • Digital images
  • Application data

Digital video

  • Identify and preserve all types of video evidence
  • Assist defense teams with proper collection methods
  • Conversion of proprietary video to standard playback formats
  • Identification and analysis of video frame rate and aspect ratio
  • Video enhancements and still frame report and analysis

Digital forensics for public defenders


Advanced digital forensics

  • Advanced data extraction
  • Advanced unlocking
  • Advanced micro electronics repair
  • Post conviction review
  • Re-examine digital evidence with new technology
  • Cellebrite Certified
  • EnCase Certified
  • Fast track, on-site service available
  • Court certified experts

Digital evidence case review and analysis

  • Request, collect and interpret digital evidence from various sources
  • Independent expert analysis
  • Access to the latest tools, techniques and technology
  • Identify suppression issues

Litigation support

  • Expert testimony
  • Custom forensic reports of just the relevant evidence
  • Evidence presented in recognizable formats for the jury to understand
  • File conversions and copies
  • Responsive service

Digital evidence training for public defenders

  • Learn the best practices and standards
  • Properly identify, collect and preserve digital evidence
  • Expedite your investigation
  • Evaluate digital evidence collected by law enforcement
  • Testify with confidence
  • Working with digital forensic experts
  • Requesting discovery
  • Admissibility, privacy and ethical concerns

Resources and solutions

eLab provides free access to digital evidence resources for our partnered public defender agencies.

  • Cell provider subpoena guide and retention schedules
  • Social media and internet provider subpoena guide
  • Digital evidence letters of preservation and sample discovery requests
  • Listing of best practices and industry standards as a reference

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