Digital evidence is a compelling vehicle for justice

Digital Evidence for Public Defenders

We improve the ability of public defenders to make the most of this critical data with our digital evidence management software and customized training program.

Digital Evidence Case Assessment Method (DECAM) is specifically designed for public defenders to expedite the identification and collection of digital evidence and to more effectively identify relevant insights from that data.

DECAM helps defense teams process digital evidence by integrating the current best practices and standards into a comprehensive, repeatable and documented procedure for each stage of the investigation from collection to courtroom.

DECAM consists of a digital evidence management program, user license, workbook and includes a two day distance learning that provides all the necessary knowledge, training and resources to effectively expedite and collect digital evidence in any case and testify with confidence as to the methods used.

Digital Evidence Case Assessment Method (DECAM)


Use assessment guides, checklists, forms and resources to identify, request, organize, evaluate and prioritize time sensitive relevant digital evidence.

Digital Evidence Case Assessment Method (DECAM)


Use workflow guides and checklists to obtain and organize necessary information and other credentials needed to access or request digital evidence, allowing for easy integration with partnered digital forensic labs.

Digital Evidence Case Assessment Method (DECAM)


Use evidence collection, consent, tracking forms and workflow guides to effectively collect, package and transport digital evidence in accordance with the best practices and be able to testify with confidence as to the methods used.

How it works

Digital Evidence Case Assessment Method (DECAM)

Repeatable Process

Easy to use, color coded workbook and program built off excel with user friendly fillable and printable checklists, workflow guides and other useful forms, consolidated in a simple to follow step by step method that guides the user through the process and helps identify other sources of evidence or associated information.

Digital Evidence Case Assessment Method (DECAM)

Identify and Preserve

Easily organizes, tracks identified digital evidence across the case spectrum and the associated information needed to access the collected evidence. Tracks and organizes tasks lists, establishes chain of custody and easily enables overall case management regardless the amount of digital evidence involved.

Digital Evidence Case Assessment Method (DECAM)

Prioritize and Collect

Workflow, checklists and case assessment guides easily organize information so time-sensitive digital evidence and be quickly Identified.

Digital Evidence Case Assessment Method (DECAM)

Evaluate Law Enforcement

Provides knowledge, resources and methods to evaluate the reliability and admissibility of digital evidence obtained by law enforcement.

Digital Evidence Case Assessment Method (DECAM)

Collaborative Advantage

Enhanced coordination with digital forensic experts enables public defense attorneys and investigators identify relevant insights from digital evidence more effectively.

Digital Evidence Case Assessment Method (DECAM)

Follow Best Practices

Investigators gain the knowledge, skills and resources needed to collect digital evidence in accordance with the best practices and be able to testify with confidence about the methods used.

Digital Forensics for Public Defenders

Training sponsored by the Digital Innocence Initiative and presented by eLab Forensics LLC, a digital forensic laboratory providing services and support to legal professionals and public defender offices across the country.

We have worked in direct collaboration with the Connecticut public defenders since day one and launched our program at the first New England Regional Public Defender Training Seminar.

Law Offices of Public Defenders

We are currently looking to pilot the program with public defense agencies across the country to establish a uniformed standard.

DECAM was built by investigators for investigators and in direct collaboration with public defenders, tailoring our product for easy integration. DECAM is an easy to follow step by step guide intended for attorneys and investigators with little or no digital evidence training.

Digital Case Assessment Method (DECAM)


Digital Evidence Case Assessment Method (DECAM) is the first standardized training program developed exclusively for public defender attorneys and investigators to expedite the identification and collection of digital evidence.

This course presents the Digital Evidence Case Assessment Method in a comprehensive format designed to address the training needs of new or experienced investigators or attorneys.

Areas of study include but are not limited to digital evidence principals and best practices, quality system guidelines, nature and behavior, sources, legal considerations, ethics, time sensitive identification and collection, handling, packing, transport case management and reporting.

Best Practices

      • Best Practices and Standards: Review of the relevant available standards

      • Digital evidence sources: 4 main areas to keep it simple

      • Assessment: Asses, Identify and evaluate digital evidence

      • Fast Track: Identify and collect time-sensitive digital evidence

      • Case management: Using the task list, name index and timeline

      • Baseline: Document and organize information needed to access digital evidence

      • Collect: Document activities, establishing the chain of custody and evidence handling

      • Using the workflow guides, checklists, tracking and evidence handling forms

      • Quality assurance system standards

Class Options

Fast Track 1 day/8 hours distance learning


*2 day/16 hours distance learning

* Satisfies the Academic Requirement for the DECAM Certified Investigator designation. Additional requirements, application process, and fees are necessary.

DIGITL EVIDENCE CASE ASSESSMENT METHOD – $ 225.00 and includes the workbook, case management program on CD and user license. (application fee is required for all seeking to become a DECAM Certified Investigator and are in addition to training fees)

If you are interested in learning more about becoming a DECAM Certified Investigator click here.