Computer forensics for criminal defense

eLab Digital Forensics provide computer forensics for criminal defense attorneys and public defenders. We assist the defense in the acquisition, analysis and presentation of digital evidence from computers and related devices.

At eLab Digital Forensics we forensically collect and analyze digital evidence from computers and regularly conduct on site digital forensic analysis of evidence presented by law enforcement.

Our knowledgeable experts can provide practical solutions for strategic decisions, backed by detailed reports and expert testimony.


  • Recover deleted or hidden files
  • Determine the source and/or authenticity of the data
  • Reconstruct a sequence of events performed on a computer system
  • Search all areas of computer storage to locate keywords, phrases, and file types
  • Recover and track email, chat, and instant messages
  • Internet activity, browsing habits, file transfers, and program data
  • Conduct on site independent forensic examination of digital evidence in possession of the crime lab or law enforcement
  • Provide strategic intelligence, comprehensive analysis and detailed reports

On-site analysis and data verification

We provide consulting and forensic analysis of computer crime cases and routinely examine digital evidence in custody of law enforcement.

Validation of digital evidence is an integral part of our services. We are adept at providing expert testimony to verify authenticity and regularly testify in state and federal courts.

eLab advantages

  • EnCase Certified Examiner (EnCE)
  • Conducted by cross-trained defense investigators
  • Advanced, targeted forensic data collection
  • Detailed forensic reporting

Resources and solutions

eLab provides free access to digital evidence resources for our partnered public defender agencies.

  • Cell provider subpoena guide and retention schedules
  • Social media and internet provider subpoena guide
  • Digital evidence letters of preservation and sample discovery requests
  • Listing of best practices and industry standards as a reference

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eLab Digital Forensics is EnCase certified for computer forensics for criminal defense