Cell site analysis for criminal defense

eLab Digital Forensics provides cell site analysis for criminal defense attorneys and public defenders. We assist the defense in the acquisition, analysis and presentation of cell site and cell provider records and and provide independent analysis of evidence presented by law enforcement.

Our experts collect and analyze cellular service provider records, validate data recovered from the cell phone and reconstruct the physical movements of a mobile device and the historical geographical locations.

We verify records presented by law enforcement and provide resources and training to independently collect, interpret and plot location data from cellular service providers.

Best Practices

The scientific Working Group on Digital Evidence (SWGDE) published “Recommendations for Cell Site Analysis” on the use of Historic Cell Site Location Information (HCSLI) contained in Call Detail Records (CDR) when conducting Cell Site Analysis (CSA).

Reliability and accuracy

Conditions such as weather, time of day, types of equipment and technology, and call traffic all affect accuracy and reliability.  In addition, the range of cell sites varies greatly, and tower ranges overlap significantly, and the size and shape of a tower’s range and coverage area at the time.

Services and capabilities

eLab advantages

  • Collecting and interpreting
  • Analysis and plotting
  • Manual review and analysis
  • Comparison and validation
  • Subpoena guides
  • Retentions schedules

Resources and solutions

eLab provides free access to digital evidence resources for our partnered public defender agencies.

  • Cell provider subpoena guide and retention schedules
  • Social media and internet provider subpoena guide
  • Digital evidence letters of preservation and sample discovery requests
  • Listing of best practices and industry standards as a reference

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eLab Digital Forensics cell site analysis for criminal defense