Cell phone forensics for criminal defense

eLab Digital Forensics provides cell phone forensics for criminal defense. We assist defense attorneys and public defenders in the identification, collection and presentation of digital evidence from the widest range of mobile devices.

We provide the defense equal access to the same advanced digital forensic capabilities available to law enforcement.

Using industry-leading tools, our digital forensic examiners are capable of on-site forensic acquisitions and examinations backed by detailed reports and expert testimony.


  • Cellebrite Certified
  • Fast Track, on-site service available
  • Court Certified Experts
  • Advanced unlocking services

Resources, solutions and support

Our experienced experts routinely consult with defense teams to provide independent analysis of digital evidence presented by law enforcement and practical solutions for strategic decisions.

Digital evidence from cell phones

  • Deleted data recovery
  • Location data from GPS, cell-site and Wi-Fi
  • Text messages
  • Call history
  • Application data (communication & navigation)
  • Social media
  • Calendars
  • Voicemails
  • Emails
  • Pictures and videos
  • Contacts
  • Internet searches and browsing history data
  • Synced devices
  • Data backup recovery
  • Device usage data – knowledge C database
  • Application database carving
  • Advanced cell unlocking and extraction services
  • Advanced mobile device repair and forensic data recovery

Advanced unlocking and extractions

Our partnership with Cellebrite allows us to offer advanced services to determine or disable the pass code of locked cell phones and gain forensic access to the most complete extraction possible for the latest iPhone and Android devices.

Proactive support

We provide resources for public defenders in the identification, collection, analysis, interpretation and presentation of associated non-digital evidence from cellular services providers.

Resources and solutions

eLab provides free access to digital evidence resources for our partnered public defender agencies.

  • Cell provider subpoena guide and retention schedules
  • Social media and internet provider subpoena guide
  • Digital evidence letters of preservation and sample discovery requests
  • Listing of best practices and industry standards as a reference

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eLab Digital Forensics is Cellebrite certified for cell phone forensics for criminal defense