About eLab Digital Forensics

We provide service and support designed for criminal defense teams and public defenders to create fair and equitable representation in today’s criminal justice system.

Our team

eLab Digital Forensics is a dedicated team of innovated, cross trained experts.  We use our combined knowledge and experience as certified digital forensic experts and defense investigators to provide proactive solutions to complex digital investigations.

For the defense by the defense

Our team are recognized experts in state and federal courts and approved vendor with public defender offices and assigned counsel programs across the country.

Dedicated professionals

We understand the need to employ professional staff that possess a wide range of skills and maintain the highest ethical professional standards, backed by detailed reports and expert testimony.

Our dedicated staff are cross-trained, certified digital forensic experts and board certified criminal defense investigators. We maintain membership in the Criminal Defense Investigators Training Counsel (CDITC)and the National Defense Investigators Association (NDIA). We offer nationwide service and are available 24/7.

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Using industry-leading tools, we assist defense attorneys and public defenders in the acquisition, analysis and presentation of digital evidence from a wide variety of devices.

Advanced digital forensic technology

Our forensic lab utilizes the latest and most advanced digital forensics technology that allows advanced unlocking and repair services to recover data normally only available to law enforcement.

Advanced extractions

Gain forensic access to the most complete extraction possible for the latest iPhone and Android devices.

Advanced technical services and repairs

In house advanced micro electronics service and repair capabilities that can make recovery of the data possible.

Certified digital forensic experts

Our examiners are Cellebrite Certified Mobile Examiner (CCME) and EnCase Certified Examiner (EnCE) certified. Our team are recognized experts in state and federal courts across the country.

eLab Digital forensics is Cellebrite and EnCase certified

Digital forensic tools

Our lab uses Cellebrite , Magnet and EnCase Forensic software due to their wide use by law enforcement and their acceptance in Courts.

Digital forensic lab

eLab Digital Forensics lab utilizes a Quality Management System in conformance with ISO/IEC 17025 and ISO/IEC 27037 in accordance with the industry standards and best practices which is maintained through consistent laboratory standards and procedural audits to ensure that results are valid and are based on accepted science.

ISO/IEC 17025 Quality system standards for digital forensics in criminal defense

Our mission

Parity for public defenders-bridging the digital divide

At eLab we are committed to providing resources for public defenders for a more fair and equitable representation in today’s criminal justice system and guarantee equal access to the same advanced digital forensic capabilities available to law enforcement.

Our impact

We pioneered the use of digital evidence technology and training for public defenders to scientifically prevent and overturn wrongful convictions.

Our services bridge the digital divide for public defenders by strengthening the defense at the system level.  We recognized the need for a pathway for post-conviction review in cases involving digital evidence and founded the first digital innocence initiative.

Digital Innocence

A not for profit organization dedicated to preventing and overturning wrongful convictions in cases involving digital evidence.  We identify and apply new digital forensic methods and technology to uncover new evidence that was not previously recoverable.

Resources and solutions

eLab provides free access to digital evidence resources for our partnered public defender agencies.

  • Cell provider subpoena guide and retention schedules
  • Social media and internet provider subpoena guide
  • Digital evidence letters of preservation and sample discovery requests
  • Listing of best practices and industry standards as a reference

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