eLab Digital Forensics provides services and support to public defenders and legal professionals across the country.

We maintain the highest ethical and professional standards backed by detailed reports and expert testimony.


Mobile Phone Forensics

Computer Forensics

Social Media Forensics

Audio and Video Analysis

Cell Site Analysis

Location Data Information


Digital Forensic SupportOur experts routinely consult with defense teams to provide independent analysis of digital evidence presented by law enforcement and practical solutions for strategic decisions. We review digital evidence at the state crime lab or in police custody and are capable of conducting on site forensic examinations.

Digital Forensic Evidence TrainingWe provide digital evidence training specifically designed for public defenders to expedite the identification and collection of digital evidence, to more effectively identify relevant insights from that data and testify with confidence as to the methods used during the investigation.

digital innocence projectWe are a proud sponsor and co-founded the first digital innocence initiative that works to prevent and overturn wrongful convictions using digital evidence.

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Our lab uses Cellebrite and EnCase Forensic software due to their wide use by law enforcement and their acceptance in Courts. Our examiners are Cellebrite Certified Mobile Examiner (CCME) and EnCase Certified Examiner (EnCE) certified.

    • Deleted Data

    • Location Data

    • Text Messages

    • Call History

    • Application Data (Communication & Navigation)

    • Calendars

    • Voicemail

    • Email

    • Pictures and Videos

    • Contacts

    • Internet Browsing History

    • Data Backups

    • Recover deleted or hidden files

    • Determine the source and/or authenticity of the data

    • Reconstruct a sequence of events performed on a computer system

    • Search all areas of computer storage to locate keywords, phrases, and file types

    • Recover and track email, chat, and instant messages

    • Internet activity, browsing habits, file transfers, and program data

    • Conduct on site independent forensic examination of digital evidence in possession of the crime lab or law enforcement

    • Provide strategic intelligence, comprehensive analysis and detailed reports

    • Captures Entire Site

    • Expands Comments

    • Associated Sites

    • Imbedded Photos and Videos

    • Metadata

    • Location Data

    • Compatible with Relativity


eLab Digital Forensics provides cost-effective services and support to public defender organizations across the country.

We are criminal defense investigators with years of experience working with public defenders and know what it takes to provide effective and reliable service.

We offer digital evidence training specifically designed for public defenders to expedite the identification and collection of digital evidence and testify with confidence as to the methods used.

“Digital Evidence Training – by Investigators for Investigators”

eLab Digital Forensics continues to strengthen partnerships with public defense agencies by providing the latest services and capabilities, normally only available to law enforcement.

We believe a strong partnership goes beyond just providing services and recognize the need for continuing education not only for ourselves but the public defense organizations that we serve.

    • Litigation support
    • Peer report analysis
    • Forensic acquisition
    • Data analysis
    • Expert reports
    • Trial strategy
    • Expert testimony

In an effort to better meet the needs of our clients and to help bridge the knowledge gap between the digital expert and the defense team, we are offering our new training for investigators and attorneys on the latest advancements of cell phone extractions and managing cases involving cell extraction reports – includes our updated Cellebrite Quick Start user guide for 2022.

The class is intended to provide a basic operational capability for the defense team, ways to expedite the investigation with a new check list to keep organized and help streamline integration with our digital forensic lab.

Cellebrite Reports – Quick Start User Guide

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The idea was simple: If digital evidence could prove people were guilty of a crime, it could also prove that people who had been wrongfully convicted were innocent.

New evidence can now be uncovered by applying new digital forensic technology to older cell phones to recover more data than was what previously accessible at the time. These advancements affect millions of cell phones dating back as far as 2013.

The Digital Evidence Innocence Initiative is a not for profit, volunteer organization formed through collaborative efforts of a criminal defense investigator, criminal defense attorney and digital forensic expert. We help identify post conviction cases in which new digital forensic technology can be used to recover new evidence from older devices. We can provide free re-examination of qualifying cases of affected devices in cases of claims of actual innocence.

In our ongoing efforts to prevent future wrongful convictions we provide public defenders equal access to digital forensic experts through our co-founder eLab Digital Forensics and developed digital evidence training for defense attorneys and investigators to advance our dual goal of a uniformed national standard.

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ISO/IEC 17025

ISO/IEC 17025 Compliant

eLab Digital Forensics utilizes a Quality Management System in conformance with ISO/IEC 17025 and in accordance with the industry standards and best practices which is maintained through consistent laboratory standards and procedural audits to ensure that results are valid and are based on accepted science.